More Services

Complementing our core M&A and Corporate Finance activities, BW ALBATROSS INVEST offers a range of supporting Services founded on our vast experience and in-depth industry knowledge as well as national and international networks. Among these:

Strategic Positioning

Successful strategies take into account global developments and trends, market and competitive environment, technology, service range, profits and secured sales. Feasible positioning plays a decisive role even in the area of Corporate Finance. Together with our partners, we support you in both organizational conceptualization and implementation.

Enhancing Enterprise Value

One of our primary tasks is deriving detailed future business models and structures, based on processes, markets, balance sheets and profit & loss statements, in order to realize Enterprise Value potentials.

Budgeting & Multi-Year Budgeting

Our main support services involve providing assistance for multi-year budgeting (income statements, balance sheets), while taking into account the various scenarios affecting the implementation of business models and strategies (e.g. buy & build). They also include seeking adequate corporate finance and structuring / restructuring the balance sheet for assets and liabilities.

Management of Participations & Representation of Interests

This includes both milestone concepts and the use of management potential within companies and our network. Our active and supportive roles (e.g. in advisory and supervisory boards) ensure that we can make strong representations of our clients' interests to fellow partners and financiers.

Management of Interest / Shareholdings

Milestone concepts and taking advantage of Management resources within our international network complement this service. Active roles as well as coaching (i.e. Advisory Board, Management Board) will ensure sustainable support of the interest versus other shareholders, investors and / or the management.

Corporate / Legal Re-structuring / Shareholding Structure

Often, we find legal and shareholding structures, which need to be adapted. This may include foreign entities, financing, tax-structures as well as complex ownership situations. We offer concepts, accompany negotiations and play a leading role during implementation.