Strategic Areas: Mergers & Acquisitions

We support our clients in planning, structuring and carrying out transactions with a range of financing components for mergers, acquisitions and disposals / Buy-Outs.

Corporate Purchase / Sale

After tailored preparation of each case and jointly coordinating the various options, we are in a position to proceed in accordance with the objectives. As well as considering corporate, organizational and tax structure when determining suitable models, we also take into account other aspects such as the personal, operational, cultural, client and market fit.

Once important parameters have been qualified and clarified, face-to-face discussions then take place. We lead the entire process (strategy, analysis, validation, marketing, documentation, business plans, identification of suitable propositions or buyers, LOIs, due diligence) through closing (notarization), representing either the buyer or the seller. Beyond closing, ongoing services are common.

Our idea of collaboration is long-term. Many of our clients come back to us regularly for our performance and our independent services at times of further company development and buy & build strategies.


Clarifying a company's succession is one of the most important challenges facing a family business. Having a readily available solution / arrangement that can be adapted to individual situations is an essential part of forward-looking corporate planning. This is, in itself, a dynamic process, so any arrangement must be designed so that it can be adjusted at any time.

When making company-law and tax arrangements, we work closely within our network of the best legal and tax advisors.

We support our clients fully in the preparation of adequate measures by drawing on relevant expertise. Depending on requirements, this may include corporate financing, preparation for sale and the recruitment of suitable (equity) partners.


We have extensive experience in advising owners and management teams on how to arrange and participate in company transactions. We offer support in structuring and procuring appropriate capital, identifying investors and suppliers of bank loans and in negotiating and arranging adequate agreements.

We also have a pool of MBI candidates and teams with (equity) capital and extensive expertise, who are prepared to take a stake in companies in various industries. Having MBI candidates alongside one's own management is one option worth considering as a possible succession arrangement, and applies especially to smaller companies. Suitable financial instruments enable the financing of respective purchase prices.


Capital procurement via an initial public offering (IPO) could be a suitable model, depending on sector, business model and portfolio. Pre-IPO or bridge financing may be needed prior to placement in order to ensure the company is in a promising position at the time of IPO.

The source of capital should particularly secure credibility and support the objectives. As well as ensuring liquidity, it should also bring extensive expertise and experience related to the industry prior to IPO or Pre-IPO.

The key to a successful IPO is the optimal coordination of all parties involved in the process (lawyers, tax advisors, investor relations, press, etc.). We support the process by drawing on our experience and extensive international network of experienced advisors and service providers.

Buy & Build

Buy and build means growing a business through acquisitions, as opposed to internal growth. Thanks to our substantial knowledge of select industries and our strategic experience over many years, we are able to develop and implement appropriate Buy & Build strategies in collaboration with company management and owners.

Our lengthy operational experience of such processes together with our international network, provide a solid basis from which to jointly carry out and support Build & Build strategies.