Strategic Areas: Corporate Finance

We provide access to national and international equity investors, Mezzanine providers and financial institutions / bank-loans. It is therefore important for us to understand the needs, desires and middle- to long-term aims of our clients.

Each case is prepared in close collaboration and tailored to meet the requirements. We are then able to anonymously place the case, its key terms and business model. Initially, we pre-select suitable partners, chosen not only for monetary reasons, but also to match objectives and cultural usages. The selection of partners and solutions is also determined by size and company's position / situation.

It is only after this stage that further face-to-face discussions take place. We lead the entire process right to closing / notarization. Beyond closing, ongoing services are common.

Equity / Mezzanine

Private Equity

In this field we work with a wide range of funds, which have different focuses. They differ in investment size, philosophy (majority / minority ownership), duration of investment, industry focus, expertise, internationalism and according to company situation: growth, globalization, turnaround, etc.

Private Placement

In contrast to private equity, when it comes to private placements we also work regularly with private investors and family offices, as well as funds.

The reasons for choosing this solution include transaction size, placement for growth / start-up financing, unavailability or avoidance of bank loans, pre-IPO placement and silent partnership.

In addition, specific industry knowledge and experience as well as appropriate networking can be of importance.

Access to national and international investors is guaranteed.

Mezzanine / Hybrids

Mezzanine or Hybrids are generally understood to be lower ranked loans or loans with an equity element. Financing instruments such as coupons, participation- or debt certificates also fall into this category. The appropriate financing needs to be determined in each case based on the client's individual requirements and circumstances.

Unlike private equity, participation does not normally come into play and therefore detailed discussion regarding, for example, shareholder rights is avoided. Mezzanine is subordinated to bank-loans and therefor usually more expensive - somewhere between bank-loan and equity - depending on the situation and structure of the company / transaction.

There are wide variations in international market supply, with both standardized and individualized products available.

In each case all options to design the solution and tailor it to the company's specific situation have to be considered.


In exceptional cases, we are willing to consider stepping in as co-investors. This may be an option if we are able to make a special contribution thanks to our industry expertise or if our entry into a consortium as a co-investor is desirable as part of a larger transaction. In all circumstances a conflict of interest has to be avoided.

Venture Capital

We coach business founders and young, innovative companies in corporate development and corporate finance. Our partners embody a wealth of extensive industry experience and expertise in developing and implementing business models.

In addition, we have access to a wide network of Business Angels specializing in early-stage financing as well as national and international venture capital companies. Our foremost experience lies in helping start-ups and SMEs from the Software / IT, High Tech, Media, Automotive and Mechanical Engineering industries. We guide founders and management throughout, starting with the development of the business model and preparation of all documentation, then through each stage in the search for investors, and finally ending in successful financing. Our strengths lie in our excellent knowledge of our core industries, our investor-targeted presentation of business models and our intensive coaching.

Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Corporate financing: Venture Capital, Business Angels, Subsidies, Innovation financing
  • Strategic orientation and business model
  • Business initiation / founding and development
  • Coaching, supervisory and advisory seats
  • Strategic partnerships with established companies in specific target industries

Bank Loans

Credit / Loan Facility

We have extensive experience in procuring and structuring suitable debt financing, both as a one-stop solution and in combination with equity capital. Finding the most appropriate instrument (duration, interest, redemption plan, redeemability, covenants) and the right partner is dependent on the business model, industry, profit and cash flow profile, balance sheet as well as the company’s situation (i.e. growth, distressed, turn-around, insolvency).

When selecting and recommending debt financing, we take a prudent business approach by only considering partners that are suitable for the individual project and its associated risk.

In addition to our networks covering equity capital, we also have numerous relationships with credit suppliers, banks and institutional buyers / investors.

Commercial Real Estate / Infrastructure

Sale & Lease / Rent Back

We have undertaken numerous market studies in this area, which has led us to be able to offer our clients exceptional solutions as part of Sale & Rent Back transactions for industrial assets. In contrast to typical solutions in this field, we work with partners who have dealt exclusively with realty sale and rent back of industrial properties over many years. The following distinguishing features are worth noting:
  • High valuation of illiquid assets: no deductions / 100% payout at market value
  • Attractive long-term financing with buy back option
  • Deal "off balance", enabling improvement on balance sheet, which in turn leads to better rating and better financing
  • Rent is completely deductible (when compared to the traditional sale & lease back process)
  • Flexible use of proceeds: redemption / replacement of liabilities / bank loans, growth / restructuring financing or release of dividends
  • Simple process, fast access to long-term capital, no drawn-out approval procedures
  • Long-term partner with experience in industrial environment and cyclical business processes
  • Increase in enterprise value and entrepreneurial independence

Financing / Project Financing / Buy / Sell

Additionally, we accompany buy-side / sell-side and financing / project-financing for commercial real estate and infrastructure / renewables projects locally and international.